Student Recitals

We continuously encourage our students share their musical talents with others. To give students the opportunity to perform and to practice stage presence, the Ottawa & Kanata Academy organizes numerous student recitals throughout the year.

Getting ready for a performance requires careful preparation. Students will learn musical interpretation skills and gain confidence in their abilities. We love to see our students to shine during their moment on stage so be sure to sign-up for the next recital!

Mini Recitals are organized by the student’s teacher and are held at the corresponding academy. Students will experience a smaller and more intimate performance setting and meet their teacher’s other pupils.

Big Recitals are held at Carleton University at the Kailash Mital Theatre. This is the big stage! Here you will see students from both academies and variety of instruments. The atmosphere is professional but also equally fun and exciting. Here is where students receive their medals from the Incentive Program.

Student recital

Incentive Program

We also have a recital incentive program to reward students for their participation in our annual recitals. For each performance, students gain points towards a participation medal. Medals are awarded during the medal ceremony at the Big Recitals. See the table below for details.

Recitals 2016-2017
Winter Mini Recitals November - December
Winter Wonderland Student Recital (Big Recital) KMA: December 4 - OMA: December 11
Echoes of Winter March 26, 2017
Spring Mini Recitals May - June
Sounds of Spring Student Recital (Big Recital) June 25, 2017

Incentive Program – Points
Big Recital 1.0 point
Mini Recital 0.5 point

Young Performers' Medals
Bronze Medal 3.0 points
Silver Medal 6.0 points
Gold Medal 9.0 points
Trophy 12.0 points
Hall of Fame 15.0 points

Young Professionals' Medals
Bronze Medal 18.0 points
Silver Medal 21.0 points
Gold Medal 24.0 points
Trophy 27.0 points
Hall of Fame 30.0 points