General Information

Our Instruments

We carry a variety of excellent student quality instruments that are kept in great condition. Instruments are professionally maintained once they are returned to the academy. Instrument availability can vary for each store. Please contact us to inquire about instrument availability and to get more information on our rental services.

Protective bags or cases will be provided with band instruments and string instruments in order to protect the instruments, as well as facilitate transportation. Adaptors and music racks are supplied with keyboards.

How to Rent

Rental Customer Privileges

Individuals who rent instruments from our Academy are treated as special customers.

Special customers save 10% on all store merchandise and tuning.

Books, strings, tuners, cleaning kits, reeds, metronomes, picks, and music stands are some of the products carried at the Academy that you might find useful.

Damaged, Lost or Stolen Instruments

It is important to acknowledge the state of the instrument before it is rented. In signing the Rental Agreement, it is agreed that the instrument is in good condition.

The lessee will not be held accountable for manufacturer defects such as warping, or other structural problems.

If the instrument is returned damaged, the lessee must pay for the repairs which will be arranged by the Academy.

In the case of a lost or stolen instrument, the lessee is responsible for 80% of the retail price of the instrument.